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Kaspar Uljas is an Estonian bandoneon and accordion player and composer. He is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

During his early career, he was primarily known as a jazz accordionist and composer of the ensemble Abraham's Café. Being active between 2010 and 2016, the group gave more than 150 concerts around Estonia and abroad performing at different jazz clubs and festivals. They also recorded 2 albums – “Journey to Haran” (2013) and “Berber Cinema” (2015). The music of the last album “Berber Cinema” was mainly composed for the Estonian-Palestinian documentary film “Rough Stage”, for which they also toured in Palestine in the autumn of 2015. 

Uljas has performed all over Europe, as well as in Russia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, and Palestine. He has performed at almost all of the jazz and world music festivals in Estonia in addition to well-known events abroad, such as Popkatu in Finland, Positivus in Latvia, Euro-Arab Youth Music Expo in Cyprus, Jazzycolors in France, La Locura Tango Festival in Austria, Arena:klassisk in Norway, and Festivalito Tango Primavera in Switzerland. The most notable concert halls include Het Royal Concertgebouw and De Doelen in the Netherlands.

For the last seven years, he has mainly dedicated himself to playing the bandoneon. From this, many fruitful ensembles have emerged. These include duos with Radboud van Geldre (NL), guitarist Martin Lopez Muro (ARG); Jaak Lutsoja (EE); Martin-Eero Kõressaar (EE); Isabel Bermejo (ES), and bigger ensembles such as Trio Maag & Isabel Bermejo (EE, ES), Gran Orquesta Típica OTRA (NL), Septeto Camaleón (NL), El Muro Tango & Juan Villarreal (ARG, EE, NO) & Zinnetango (ARG, EE, BE).

Being a former member of the Orquesta Típica OTRA, he participated in the recording of the 2018 album "Conexión Tango" with Argentinian singer Omar Mollo who was nominated for a Latin Grammy. 

Uljas’s solo career includes significant performances at the 2020 Hennessy New Year's concerts with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, the 2022 New Year's concerts with the Niederrheinische Sinfoniker in Germany, and the 2022 "Piazzolla 101" tour with the Tim Kliphuis Trio & Tallinn Chamber Orchestra.

As a composer, Uljas has won the 1st and the 3rd place at the 27th and 28th Uno Naissoo composition competition with the tunes "Los Pescadores" and "Dim Dim". His music has been used in commercials, films like “Rough Stage” (2015, director Toomas Järvet) and “Zero Point” (2014, director Mihkel Ulk), and theatre productions like “Fööniks/Phoenix” (2010, director Andri Luup).

During his career, he has found that he would like to specialize in Argentinian tango/folklore and combine his previous knowledge and skills in jazz and world music as an interpreter and composer.

Uljas has graduated from the Georg Ots Music School (prof. Tiit Kalluste) Estonian Academy of Music (prof. Kristjan Randalu, Raul Sööt, and Jaak Sooäär), and Theatre and Codarts University of Arts in Rotterdam, Holland (prof. Leo Vervelde, Gustavo Beytelmann). He has further developed his skills at Kokkola Conservatory in Finland, as well as in private lessons with bandoneon players like Marcelo Mercadante, Dino Saluzzi, Roberto Alvarez, and Victor Hugo Villena.

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