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Duo Geldre & Uljas

Radboud van Geldre and Kaspar Uljas met five years ago at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) while studying for a master's degree in Argentine tango. They have played together in the Dutch tango orchestra Gran Orquesta Típica OTRA as well as in smaller projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to a good friendship and similar musical synergy, Kaspar and Radboud have focused on the duo of bandoneon and violin for the last three years. The repertoire consists of Argentine tango, folklore, and baroque music implementing improvisational jazz elements. The duo has performed mainly in Europe, but also in Argentina in collaboration with the well-known Argentine singer Juan Villarreal.

Radboud van Geldre is a dutch violinist, born in 1979. He studied classical violin with Vaclav Novak at the Rotterdam Conservatorium and with Tibor Varga at the Academy of Musique Sion in Switzerland. After his classical studies, he specialized in Argentinian tango with Leo Vervelde, Wim Warman, Gustavo Beytelmann, and Micha Molthoff, in which he graduated with honors.

His first solo concert was at the age of 10 years old at the concert hall of The Doelen in Rotterdam. As a concertmaster he has worked with The Leiden Chamber Orchestra, the orchestra of Ardjoena Soerjadi, and the New Transylvanian Symphony Orchestra. He has worked together with Victor Libermann, Gordan Nicolić, Carel Kraayenhof, Wim Warman, and Omar Mollo amongst many others. He was the primary of Orquesta Tipica OTRA, which got a Latin Grammy nomination in the tango category for the cd “Tango Cosmopolita '' in 2018 with an Argentinian tango singer Omar Mollo. Radboud van Geldre was the first violin player of Quinteto Rotterdam and the Respighi Quartet and won the first prize with the Quinteto Arrastre at the Double Ocho competition.

At this moment he travels the world as a soloist with various orchestras and performs as a duo with a bandonéonist Kaspar Uljas. He is also the violinist of the new quartet of Beytelmann’s Group, formed by pianist and composer Gustavo Beytelmann, where he works together with the bandonéonist Victor Hugo Villena. As a teacher, Radboud van Geldre gives, besides his private lessons, masterclasses at different schools and conservatories in Europe. As a chairman of the Tango Art Academy International, he joined forces with Leo Vervelde and choreographer Rogier Dasselaar to combine contemporary dance with contemporary music in tango.

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